Active Scr / Urea / Def Tank Repair & Return For Bmw 3-Series

Retail Price: $649.00

xemodex_guaranteeThis is a Repair and Return service of your existing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank. Upon purchase of this service, we will email you the shipping labels along with shipping instructions. You can also drop-off your tank at our facility for the same day repair. Usually, we can complete the repair within one hour. If you have a repair shop in the GTA, we can pick-up and drop-off your tank for free.

Our repair service includes a replacement of all, prone to fail components inside the tank which are:
•The heating element
•Temperature sensor
•Level sensor

All the above components are the part of our complete tank repair kit, which is also available for sale here. The kit comes with all original electrical wiring, factory connectors and a special tool for easy DIY replacement. Installation instructions can be found here.

Common failures:
• Heating element failure and subsequent code P209F/49E1 “Reductant Tank Heater Control Circuit Performance”
• Temperature sensor failure and subsequent codes; 205B/4D32, P205D/46F4, P205B/492C, P205C/46F9“Active Tank Temperature Sensor Plausibility”.
• Level sensors failure and subsequent codes P203A/4BAC, P203B/4BAD “Reducing Agent Active Tank Fill Level Sensor Signal”.

Please Note* This SCR container has two tanks called active and passive tank, built as one assembly. Our repair kit fits in the active tank only. When you have codes stored for level sensors in the passive tank, we can repair both of them at additional $100.00 dollars.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

2008 – 2012 BMW 335d

16197204623 | 16-19-7-204-623

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