XeMODeX Warranty Claims Form

XeMODeX Warranty Claims Form

How to file a warranty claim for XeMODeX part:

Complete the form below with as many details as possible. Include any diagnostic print-outs, etc.


No warranty request will be considered without submitting this form​.

The form includes a preferred method of contact options:

a. Contact via email – Where our technician will communicate with you via e-mail.

b. Contact via phone – Where our receptionist will call you to schedule the time for our technician to call you back.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm EST. Please be advised that claims submitted after 3:00pm EST or outside of the normal business hours will be processed in the next business day.
  • ( Name the order was placed under)

  • ( A VIN should be 17 digits and will not contain Q'a, O's or I's )

  • ( Yes ,No, Similar, Unsure )
  • Accepted file types: acceptedfiletypes:jpg, gif, png, pdfcaptcha.