About XeMODeX Inc.

XeMODeX Inc.

Automotive Electronic Systems

XeMODeX is a relatively young company based in Ontario, Canada.We began by remanufacturing ABS modules for the Volvo 850 and 70 series in 2006. Our goal was not to be the cheapest,but rather to be the best by delivering quality products that actually work.This vision is still prominent in our overall outlook for the future. Today we manufacture and remanufacture hundreds of different electronic modules primarily for Volvo vehicles.

Our focus is on testing; 100% validation and quality control is of the utmost importance. We have spent countless hours developing the test equipment to positively verify each and every ECU that we remanufacture. We also emphasize on failure analysis, establishing the failure patterns and addressing the prone-to-wear components. Our popular ETM contact-less potentiometer for Volvo is a prime example of the lengths that we will go to improve our products.

Over the past nine years in business, XeMODeX has built a loyal customer base in North America and across the globe, ranging from independent repair shops to retailers. The reason for our success is that not only do we offer quality products, but we also offer technical support to assist our customers so that they can accurately diagnose failures. Additionally, the majority of our parts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

XeMODeX offers customers a new perspective on how remanufactured parts should look. We focus on innovation, quality and the environment backed by a Lifetime Warranty. From our Pre-Programmed “Plug and Play” line to our Repair and Return services, we offer a wide range of solutions for the majority of ECU’s saving you money and time. Our turnaround time is 24hours, and we have an established shipping network that guarantees overnight delivery anywhere in United States and Canada.

Xemodex Inc lives and breathes Volvo… it’s who we are and what we do, and we are proud.


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