How to place an order


See below for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to place an order with us.


Custom Requests


Fill out and submit a Repair Request Form on our website. Our tech will reply to your inquiry within 24 hours.


We will e-mail you pre-paid shipping labels. You send the part to us via UPS.


We will test, diagnose and repair your module the same day it arrives at our facility.

Can’t find the part you are looking for on our website? Don’t worry, we should still be able to offer you a custom testing and repair service through our Repair Request Form. This service is a good option if you are unsure if the problem is in a particular module. We will test it before proceeding with the service. Since the programming of your module is not modified in any way, it will be “plug and play” when you get it back!

Fill out the form

Complete the Repair Request by filling out details about your vehicle such as VIN number, part number and failure symptoms your vehicle is experiencing. If you have diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) please include these codes in the notes.


Our R&D Technicians will review your request and reply to you via e-mail. Once your part is approved for repair, we will e-mail you UPS shipping labels.

Ship your part to us

Remove the module from your vehicle and pack it securely in a box roughly the same size as your module. Please ensure that you follow the shipping instructions provided.

Testing service

After your package arrives at our facility, we will begin the testing process. Once the module is inspected and tested, we will contact you with our recommended options and pricing.

Approval and repair service

You can decide to either proceed with our service or to have the module shipped back to you without service. A $75 test fee may apply. If you decide to proceed with your order, we will perform the requested service.

Shipping the repaired module back to you

You will receive an email from UPS with the tracking information once your order is shipped.


Once you receive your package, review our repair report and reinstall the module back into your vehicle. After installation, please let us know if our service has resolved your vehicle’s issues. We greatly appreciate customer feedback. It helps us determine what methods of service we can offer in the future.


You may contact us by phone toll-free at 1-888-712-2525 (US & Canada) or 905-670-4010 (local). If you haven’t done business with us before, you will be asked to fill out a credit card authorization form before we can process your shipping labels.
We ship internationally! Please complete a Repair Request form and our technician will reply to your e-mail within 24 hours (weekdays only).
We strive for same-day turnaround on all our services, but additional time may be required for testing, researching, and sometimes ordering parts. If you are able to provide us with documentation from your testing such as pinouts or DTCs, this may help reduce the time required to perform a repair.
Since many issues are intermittent or can only be tested while the module is inside a working vehicle, there can never be a 100% guarantee that a defective module will fault during our testing process. If the module does not fault, we will contact you with the test results. You will be provided with recommendations from our technicians based on the faults that you provided. Please ensure that proper vehicle diagnostics have been performed prior to sending your module in for service. If we cannot find a problem with the module, we will rely on the diagnostics that you provide to us to determine our service options. In some cases, the options provided may incur additional cost. You will have the option to either proceed with one of the provided recommendations, or have the module sent back to you without proceeding with the service. If you decide to have the module shipped back to you without service, we will refund the service cost minus a $75 test fee. Please note that shipping costs cannot be refunded.
If you suspect that the module might have suffered from water intrusion, we can probably still help you. As long as the main MCU (Usually the largest chip on the circuit board) is not badly damaged, we should be able to read it and transfer the data to number matching used unit.
In some cases, we may not have all the necessary parts to complete your repair in stock. However, we have a robust supply chain and can source any part from around the world in 5-10 business days.