XeMODeX Core Purchase Program

XeMODeX Core Purchase Program


XeMODeX is an environmentally conscious company that takes an eco-friendly approach to all aspects of our business. We believe that reusing parts is essential for reducing the harmful, toxic by-products that unnecessarily end up in the landfills each year. A typical ABS module contains a considerable amount of poisonous elements like Arsenic, Boron and Antimony. During the remanufacturing process, over 80% of the existing module components are fully reconditioned, tested and reused. XeMODeX is committed to maintaining a cleaner environment. We purchase many old unusable parts and recycle them into like-new upgraded and functioning parts.


Once we authorize the purchase, we will e-mail you with an electronic shipping label.


Core Specs

Cores must be in repairable condition. No cuts, damaged housing, tampered with or units that have been previously repaired. This includes missing or broken buttons, cut cables, missing parts, bent or broken pins, etc. To ensure this does not happen during shipping, please package the parts with little to no movement in the box and as much protective packaging as possible. Please inspect parts before sending as if we receive them with any of the above conditions, we will unable to offer a refund for the part.

Cores Require Approval

If you ship something that was not approved by us, it will be discarded or you will need to pay the shipping fee to have it returned to you.