Warranty & Return Policy

XeMODeX Inc. takes great care in improving the quality and durability of all our products and services, resulting in longer-lasting dependable parts.

1. XeMODeX Inc. offers various lengths of limited warranty coverage depending on the product or service that was purchased. Warranty lengths vary from 3 months to lifetime. Warranty length is stated at the bottom of each product description page.

2. In the case that our product becomes defective, XeMODeX Inc., at its own discretion, will repair or replace the defective part. In the case that the part is not repairable and no direct replacement is available, XeMODeX Inc. will refund the original purchase price, less the costs of shipping.

3. Lifetime Limited Warranty coverage applies to the original purchaser and is valid for as long he/she owns the car. Subsequent owners are covered for a period of one year from the original purchase date.

4. XeMODeX Inc. products sold outside the Canada and United States are covered by a 3 Year Limited Warranty. Brokerage and customs fees that might be charged by your countries authorities and any shipping expenses are the purchasers’ sole responsibility.


5. To file a warranty claim please complete our on line Warranty Request Form found here. Our technicians will review your case and get back to you within 24 hours. If you unable to complete the form electronically, please call our technical and warranty department at 1-888-712-2525 and they will complete the form for you over the phone.

6. Do not return parts back to us on your own without prior authorization.


7. XeMODeX’s limit of liability under this limited warranty shall be the actual cash value of the product that the purchaser returns for repair. XeMODeX shall not be liable for any other loses such as replacement labor charges, software reloads, diagnostic or towing fees. Furthermore, XeMODeX is not responsible for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages (Including but not limited to vehicle rentals, downtime or loss of revenue).

8. XeMODeX is not responsible for shipping expenses associated with returning of the defective part for repairs.


9. This limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from:

a) Improper part installation.

b) Damage caused by other defective component
(Overcharging alternator,seized or shorted pump, etc.)

c) Direct evidence that the unit was tampered with
(Broken warranty sealant is cut or tampered with).

d) Vehicle being involved in collision.

e) Natural disasters: Fire, flood and lightning

f) Subsequent water damage.

g) Part being installed in another vehicle.

h) Modification of original factory software.


10. For pre-programmed control units only. XeMODeX reserves the rights to terminate this limited warranty if the original core (Defective part) was not returned to us within 30 days.


XeMODeX Inc. manufactures and repairs highly advanced electronic automotive components, most of which are permanently programmed to a particular vehicle and become unusable and unsalable when returned. New parts can also be damaged by another malfunctioning part.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to have the vehicle properly diagnosed prior to purchasing any one of our products or ordering any of our repair services.

XeMODeX Inc. has a strict no-refund policy on all of its product and services.