New Repair Request Form

New Repair Request Form

Can’t find the part you are looking for? Don’t worry, we have completed hundreds of successful repairs on parts that are not listed on our website. These parts are not listed because the testing process is not 100 percent completed or because not all the failure symptoms can be addressed by us. Please complete this repair request form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Keep in mind that if your part is not repairable in most cases, we can transfer the software, coding, VIN number, and mileage to a number matching good used unit. You will end up receiving a good working unit that is ready to be installed without any need for further programming. Plug and Play installation.

Water damaged units:
If you suspect that the module might have suffered from water intrusion, we can probably still help you. As long as the main MCU (Usually the largest chip on the circuit board) is not badly damaged, we should be able to read it and transfer the data to number matching used unit.

How it works:

1. Complete and submit the repair request form below.
2. Our R&D Technicians will review your request.
3. If your part is approved for repair, we will email you the UPS Shipping labels.
4. Once we receive your part, we will examine it and present you with the repair options and estimate.
5. Once you approve the estimate, we will proceed with the repair and ship the finished part back to you.<br

Please note that we might not have all the necessary parts to complete your repair in stock. But we have a robust supply chain and we can source any part from around the world in 5-10 business days.