Central Electronic Module Turbo for Volvo

Code: VO.1070.8690719T.10.20

Repair Service

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Shipping:$148 Express
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Service Type:Repair Service
Turnaround Time: 1-2 Days
XeMODeX Part Number:VO.1070.8690719T.10.20
Reload Required?No. Plug & Play
Warranty:24 Month Limited Warranty

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2007 – 2013 VolvoC30 Turbo
2006 – 2013 VolvoC70 Turbo
2004.5 – 2012 VolvoS40 Turbo
2004 – 2012 VolvoV50 Turbo

What you need to know (please read before ordering)

What you need to know (please read before ordering)

Important: In order for us to test anything on the CEM we will need at least one key to be sent to us along with the CEM.

Important: If your vehicle isn’t starting whether permanently or intermittently, we would require your CEM, ECM, BCM and at least one key. When ordering, please tell us that you’ll be sending in the additional modules so we can make sure the shipping labels properly list everything. Additional costs may apply.

Recommendation: If the casing is replaced during our service the fuses may be in a different configuration when you receive the CEM back. We try to make sure the fuses are correct, but just in case we recommend taking a picture of your original CEM’s fuses prior to sending it in. When you receive the CEM back, compare the fuses to make sure all fuses are in the correct locations.

Please Note: P1 CEMs are very labor intensive. We strive to finish the repair in the same day, but depending on the severity of the damage we might require an additional day to complete the repair.

Please Note: It is common for liquid to penetrate Connector E on these CEMs. In these cases we can still help but additional costs may apply.

This is a Repair service of your existing module. You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair using the shipping labels provided to you.

The order will be processed during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5:30 EST). After processing your order, we will email shipping labels and shipping instructions. If you don’t see shipping labels within 1 hour of submitting your order (during business hours) please first check your junk/spam folders. If you still don’t see the labels, please contact us at 1-888-712-2525


Plug & Play: The software and settings will not be modified, making this module plug and play. No software reload or calibration is required after installation.

Quick Turnaround: Your module will be tested, repaired, tested again, and sent back to you within 1 or 2 days (unless otherwise noted).

24 Month Limited Warranty: This module comes with our 24 Month Limited Warranty. Please see here for more information.

Reference Numbers

Reference Numbers

8690719 | 8690720 | 30728906 | 30765015 | 31254317 | 31327215 | 3125903 | 31254749

Common Failure Symptoms

Common Failure Symptoms

P1 Platform CEMs control the majority of the vehicle’s functions, including:
• Interior and exterior lighting
• Front and rear wipers and washers
• Sunroof
• Seat belts
• Seat heaters
• Alarm system
• Accelerator pedal
• Fuel pump
• Fuel level sensor
• Blower fan

The CEM is also responsible for supplying power to the majority of other modules including:
• Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Module
• Engine Control Module (ECM)
• Transmission Control Module (TCM)
• Integrated Audio Module (IAM)
• Infotainment Control Module (ICM)
• Audio Module (AUD)
• Etc.

The CEM is a Central Gateway to the vehicle’s CAN and LIN networks. Any one of these circuits can fail, so it is very important that you are very specific about the failure description when filling out the failure report.

How This Service Works

How This Service Works

Step 1: Purchase our repair service online or over the phone.
Step 2: After processing your order, we will email you pre-paid shipping labels.
Step 3: Send us your old defective unit by dropping off the package to any UPS location, or call UPS to schedule a pick up.
Step 4: We will inspect and repair your old module.
Step 5: We will send you back the repaired module the same day (unless otherwise stated).
Step 6: You install the unit back into your vehicle.

For more detailed instructions, please see here.