SCR Def Tank Express for Mitsubishi Fuso

Code: MS.1141.ME309111.10.24

Repair Service

Shipping:$340 Express
$190 Ground
Services Type:Direct Replacement
Turnaround Time:Same Day
XeMODeX Part Number:MS.1141.ME309111.10.24
Reload Required?No. Plug and Play Installation
Warranty:Lifetime Limited Warranty

XeMODeX Price:  $649.00

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2012-2015 Mitsubishi Fuso Canter

What you need to know (please read before ordering)

What you need to know (please read before ordering)

Please Note: This repair will not resolve problems with the diagnostic trouble code P20B9. This code refers to the heated urea supply line, also known as heater “A”. The entire line between the pump and the dosing module will have to be replaced in order for this code to clear.

This is a Repair  service of your existing module. You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair using the shipping labels provided to you.

The order will be processed during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5:00 EST). After processing your order, we will email shipping labels and shipping instructions. If you don’t see shipping labels within 1 hour of submitting your order (during business hours) please first check your junk/spam folders. If you still don’t see the labels, please contact us at 1-888-712-2525

Please Note: This SCR container is comprised of an active tank and a passive tank, built as one assembly. When you have codes stored for level sensors in the passive tank, we can repair both for an additional $100.

Our repair service includes a replacement of all prone to failures components inside the tank which are:
• The heating element
• Temperature sensor
• Level sensor

All the above components are part of our complete DEF tank repair kit which is available here. The kit comes with all original electrical wiring, factory connectors and a special took for easy DIY replacement. Installation instructions can be found here. A full product description of the DEF Tank Heater Repair Kit can be found here.


Plug & Play: No software reload or calibration is required after installation.

Quick Turnaround: Your module will be tested, repaired, tested again, and sent back to you in the same day (unless otherwise noted).

Lifetime Limited Warranty: This module comes with our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Please see here for more information.

Reference Numbers

Reference Numbers

R2AX202G0C | 12152 1010700 | MK626841

Common Failure Symptoms

Common Failure Symptoms

Level Sensor Failure: The following codes indicate that there is a defect in the level sensor inside the tank:
• 203C11
• 203D12
• 4BAC
• 4D10
• P203A
• P203D
• P209F
• Code description: “Reducing Agent Active Tank Fill Level Sensor Signal”

Temperature Sensor Failure: The following codes indicate that there is a defect in the temperature sensor inside the tank:
• 46F4
• 46F9
• 4D32
• P205B
• P205C

Heating Element Failure: The following codes indicate that there is a defect in the heating element inside the tank:
• P209F
• P20BD
• P20BE
• P20BE1B
• Code description: “Reductant Tank Heater “B” Control Circuit Performance

There are 3 separate heating elements in the DEF/SCR system. They are known as heater “A”, “B” , and “C”. The heating element our kit replaces is heater “B”.

How This Service Works

How This Service Works

Step 1: Purchase our repair service online or over the phone.
Step 2: After processing your order, we will email you pre-paid shipping labels.
Step 3: Send us your old defective unit by dropping off the package to any UPS location, or call UPS to schedule a pick up.
Step 4: We will inspect and repair your old module.
Step 5: We will send you back the repaired module the same day (unless otherwise stated).
Step 6: You install the unit back into your vehicle.

For more detailed instructions, please see here.