Rear Electronic Module Program Transfer for Volvo

This is a REM program transfer from the customer's unit to one of our remanufactured and upgraded unit.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Rear Electronic Module Program Transfer for Volvo 99 – 04 Common Failures: Fuel level sensor codes, no ground to Differential Electronic Module relay, loss of communication.

1999-2004 For Volvo S80
2001-2004 For Volvo S60
2001-2004 For Volvo V70 and XC70
2003-2004 XC90


Complete Software Package Transfer

Transfer includes the complete software package and the original configuration settings. The REM will not need any additional reloads or calibration. Plug and Play!

Thermal Cooling Upgrade

All REM’s have a heat dissipating sink installed directly on the MCU. This upgrade will ensure reliable processor operation during hot summer months.

Completely Reworked PCB

All internal circuit boards are tested at the component level. Any known prone to failure parts that are close to the maximum tolerance are automatically replaced.

Quick Turn- Around Time

The REM software transfer is completed in the same day.

Quality Tested

All REM’s undergo rigorous tests on our specialized custom built CAN-Bus driven test bed. All functions, DTC’s, software are checked and verified for proper operation.

Lifetime Warranty

REM is covered under Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as you own the car.

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