Rear Electronic Module For Volvo

Code: VO.1080.30786646.10.23-PT

Program Transfer Service to Customer Supplied Unit

Shipping:$148 Express
$54 Ground
Services Type:Program Transfer
Turnaround Time: Same Day
XeMODeX Part Number:VO.1080.30786646.10.23
Reload Required?No. Plug & Play
Warranty:Lifetime Limited Warranty on the Software Transfer only

XeMODeX Price:  $279.00

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2005 – 2009 VolvoS60
2005 – 2006 VolvoS80
2005 – 2010 VolvoV70
2005 – 2010 VolvoXC70
2005 – 2013 VolvoXC90

What you need to know (please read before ordering)

What you need to know (please read before ordering)

This is a Program Transfer Service of your original module to a good unit you’ve supplied. You will need to source out a good used matching unit, then send them both in here for the service. Only the good unit will be shipped back to you. The original module is recycled here at our facility.

The order will be processed during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 – 5:00 EST). After processing your order, we will email shipping labels and shipping instructions. If you don’t see shipping labels within 1 hour of submitting your order (during business hours) please first check your junk/spam folders. If you still don’t see the labels, please contact us at 1-888-712-2525


Plug & Play: The programming from the original unit is moved over to the good unit one for one, which means the module sent back to you is plug and play. No software reload or calibration is required*

*99% of the time. In some rare cases, the calibration settings for the damper motors are lost or have to be adjusted during testing. In these cases, identification and calibration will have to be performed. This can be done at any Volvo dealer or Volvo specialist.

Quick Turnaround: Your module will be tested, transferred, tested again, and the good unit sent back to you in the same day (unless otherwise noted).

Completely Reworked PCB: All internal circuit boards are tested at the component level. Any known prone-to-failure parts that are close to the maximum tolerance are automatically replaced.

Quality Tested: All our CCMs undergo rigorous tests on our specialized custom-built CAN-bus driven test bed. All functions, DTCs, and software are checked and verified for proper operation.

Lifetime Limited Warranty: This module comes with our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Please see here for more information.

How This Service Works

How This Service Works

Step 1: Purchase a good used unit with matching part number from a local scrap yard.
Step 2: Purchase our service online or over the phone.
Step 3: After processing your order, we will email you pre-paid shipping labels.
Step 4: Send us your old defective unit by dropping off the package to any UPS location, or call UPS to schedule a pick up.
Step 5: We will extract the software from the old unit, and program the good used unit with the extracted software.
Step 6: We will send you back the good module the same day (unless otherwise stated), and recycle your old defective unit at our facility.
Step 7: You install the unit back into your vehicle.

For more detailed instructions, please see here.



Do you know where I can source a matching module?
A good source for used Volvo parts is Erie Vo-vo Inc if you’re on the East coast, and Volvo and Saab Dismantlers if on the West coast.

The scrap yard doesn’t have my module’s part number in stock, but they carry a similar module with a different part number. Can I send you that one?
No. The software in your module is hardware specific. The good used module must have a matching part number, or else we cannot perform this service.

Why don’t you send my original module back to me?
In order to extract the software, we have to do some hardware modifications to your original module. This process is irreversible and damages the module permanently. Your unit will be recycled at our facility.

Why is there no Lifetime Warranty on the hardware for Program Transfers to Customer Supplied units?
We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Software only. We also test your used module before and after the transfer to make sure it is fully operational. Since it is a used part that you purchased elsewhere and we did not repair or recondition it, we do not extend the warranty to the hardware. Check with your scrap yard for their warranty terms on your module.

How long does it take for you to transfer my module?
We have same day turnaround. This means that this service will be performed and the module shipped back out the same day we receive it.