Motor Electronics (Me) Testing & Repair Estimate Service For Mercedes-Benz

This is a testing service for the Motor Electronics (ME) ECM Module for Mercedes-Benz. Please use this service when you don’t see your particular module listed in our regular repair services. Our facility offers a full support for gasoline and Diesel MEs made by Bosch, Siemens and Continental.

Upon purchase of this service, we’ll email you the shipping labels for your module to be sent to us. Once here, your module will be tested and inspected, after which we’ll provide you with a repair estimate. Should you decide to go ahead with the repair, the test fee will be credited towards the repair cost.

You’ll also receive the ECM Failure Form in the email. Please complete it and give us as much information as you can about the failure. Please include the completed form with your shipment.

Turnaround Time:
On average we can repair the module in one day, as we have a majority of the commonly failing silicone parts in stock. However, in some instances we might have to order new parts and that might take up to 10 business days. Once you receive your module back, it will not require any further coding or programming. Plug and play.

Common Problems:
•Engine misfire as a result of lost signal to one or more injectors or ignition coils.
•Radiator fan is on continuously.
•Permanent no start condition.
•Intermittent no start when hot or cold.
•No communication with the ECM.
•ROM memory failure.
•Internal ECM failure.

What happens if we can’t repair your module?
When your module is damaged beyond repair (water intrusion, dead short, etc.) we can still offer you a transfer of the existing software, immobilizer codes, VIN and other data into another unit. Additional charges will apply.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Mercedes-Benz models. Diesel and gasoline.

Applicable ME Manufactures:
Bosch | Continental | Siemens