Haldex Electronic Rear Differential Control Module

xemodex_guaranteeThis is a Repair and Return service of your existing Haldex Rear Differential Control Module (RDCM).You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair. Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Failure Symptoms:
•Loss of communication
•DTC RDCM P0961-62, ATCMu0437-94, ABS U0114-68

Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Turnaround Time:
The same day repair.

2009-2015 Range Rover Evoque
2008-2015 Land Rover LR2

Reference Numbers:
5WP3351904 | 5WP3351903 | 11367901
12078601 | 5WP3353302 | 11098602
5WP3351902| LR077391 | LR008959
LR007046 | LR077390 | LR012189

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