Exchange Hydraulic Block & Pump For Volvo P3 Platform

This is an exchange ABS Hydraulic Block and Pump. Unit includes a fully rebuilt pump assembly.

There is a $75.00 fully refundable core fee charged in addition to the purchase price. The core fee will be refunded back to you credit card as soon as we receive your old unit back. Return labels are included in the box.

There are six possible part numbers for the unit. Check the part number on the white sticker on your pump, then select the matching part number from the drop-down menu located on the right upper corner on this page.

Failure Symptoms: Pump motor does not work, works sporadically, combination of diagnostic trouble codes BCM-0070, BCM-0071, BCM-0072 or BCM-C002001, BCM-C00201C, BCM-C002071 is stored in the BCM.

Please Note: When shipping your old pump back to us, please reuse the original packaging that our unit came in with. Doing so will prevent any damage to the part or the shipping box.

lifetime_warrantyYour hydraulic pump is covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.
When you buy from XeMODeX, you are buying a proven, quality product that stands the test of time.

2007-2014 Volvo S80
2009-2014 Volvo XC60
2008-2014 Volvo V70, XC70
2011-2015 Volvo S60

30761116 | 31261143 | 31329140
31400545 | 31423349 | P31329139
P30761115 | P31273882 | P31329137
P31261142 | P30681619

All part numbers are in stock and are shipped in the same day.

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