Electronic Throttle Module (ETM) Cloning for Volvo

This is a software transfer service from your original ETM onto a good used unit. Plug and Play installation. Your ETM will not require any software reload. No matter if the sticker is yellow or white.

xemodex_guaranteeYour ETM will be cloned in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility by our qualified and trained technicians using approved parts and methods. The quality testing of your ETM throughout the cloning process conforms with the standard’s stringent requirements.

xemodex_guaranteePlug and Play installation. Your ETM will not require any software reload. No matter if the sticker is yellow or white.

xemodex_guaranteeThe ETM is shipped with a full test report that includes diagnostic trouble codes, software numbers and potentiometer graph.

xemodex_guaranteeBrand new original gasket is included with every ETM shipment.

xemodex_guaranteeImportant: A failing MAF could cause erratic idle, lack of power and stalling, and on many occasions it will not post the diagnostic trouble codes. We recommend that you replace this part whenever the ETM is replaced, even if the MAF appears to be working properly.

1999-2001 S60, S70, V70, XC70, S80
1999-2002 C70
2002 S60 and V70 Without Turbo

13253005001 | 36050563 | 8603652
9451987 | 8644347 | 36001822
8644346 |9136793 | 9186793
9207831 | 9497244 | 36050564
8644344 | 36001821 | 8644345


1. Acquire the part number on the sticker at the base of your ETM. The part number is the first number located under the bar code on the right-hand side of the sticker.

2. Purchase a good used ETM with the same part number from your local scrap yard.

    East CoastErie Volvo
    West CoastVolvo & Saab Dismantlers

    3. Order the ETM Cloning Service on this page.

    4. We will e-mail you a shipping label to send in both modules.

    5. Once here, we will test both ETMS. If the good used unit is defective and cannot be used to clone, we will notify you right away.

    6. If the donor unit is in good condition, we will perform a full software package transfer from your original ETM onto the used unit.

    7. Once the software has successfully been transferred, we will test the ETM and include a copy of the test report with the unit.

    8. We will ship the cloned good used ETM back to you. Your original ETM will not be sent back to you; it will be recycled at our facility.

    We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the software only. Check with your junk yard for ETM warranty terms.
    Brand new ETM gasket is included.



    Transfer includes the software and the original ETM configuration and settings. The ETM will not need any additional software reload or calibration. Plug and Play!


    The ETM software transfer is completed in the same day


    Each ETM is quality tested, full test report is included with each throttle. Click here to see our ETM tester.


    We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the software only. Check with your scrap yard for ETM warranty terms.

    • Rough idle or stalling

    • Idle hunting up and down when stopping at the traffic lights

    • ETS light is on

    • Blowing ETM fuse

    • Limp-Home mode

    • No communication with the ETM

    • For help in diagnosing a faulty ETM please refer to our ETM Diagnostic Flow Chart

    Click here to view details regarding placing your order and shipping instructions.

    The photo on the top illustrates potentiometer strips which have been removed from a failed throttle body unit. In this case, both carbon rungs are worn right through. Each time the wier sweeps past these spots, the ETM will switch to “Limp Home” mode. “Limp Home” mode is an emergency software program that allows the vehicle to be driven in case of ETM, or other vital component failure. In this mode you will experience poor engine performance, poor throttle response and the car will not exceed 40MPH. Each ETM contains two separate potentiometers located on either side of the throttle shaft in the plastic end caps. These potentiometers are manufactured on cellulose acetate substrate (similar to camera film) as it is malleable and easily formed into a circle. The two thin carbon layers are then sprayed on this base creating resistive tracks.

    Metal wipers travel across these tracks according to the gas pedal position input.ETM-Fault-tracing2-1
    The fundamental flaw with this design is that the carbon layer’s chemical composition is not strong enough to withstand continuous wiper friction. As a result, the wiper scrapes off the carbon run right down to the substrate, creating an open circuit which causes the ETM to switch to limp-home mode.
    Over the years, the manufacturer tried to correct this problem with wider and thicker runs as well as softer metal wipers. ETM throttles with these modifications were marked with a yellow label instead of the original white. However, since that sensor has to be rolled into a perfect circle there are limits to how thick the carbon can be, otherwise it will simply crack.

    Q. My scrap yard doesn't have my module’s part number in stock, but they carry a similar module with a different part number on it. Can I send you that one?
    A. No, the software in your module is hardware-specific. The good used module must have a matching part number or else we cannot perform this service.

    Q. Why you don't send my original module back to me?
    A. In order to extract the software, we have to do some hardware modification to your original module. This process is irreversible and damages the module permanently. Your unit will be recycled at our facility.

    Q. Why there in no Lifetime Warranty on Cloned units?
    A. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the software only. We also test your used module before and after the transfer to make sure it is fully operational. Since it is a used part that you purchased elsewhere and we did not repair or recondition it, we do not extend the warranty to the hardware. Check with your scrap yard for their warranty terms on your module.

    Q. How long does it take for you to clone my module?
    A. We have a same-day turnaround. This means that this service will be performed, and the ETM shipped back out, the same day we receive it.