Edc16c2 Motor Electronics Control Module Repair And Return For Jeep

This is a Repair and Return service for EDC16C2 Motor Electronics (ME) control module.

How does it work?
You would need to remove the ME from the car and send it to us for the repair. Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you a shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Common Failure:
Injector circuits failures. Intermittent no start.

Turnaround time:
Your ME will be repaired, tested and shipped back to you in the same day.

2 Years, unlimited mileage warranty.

APPLICATION: For chrysler
2001-2007 Jeep 2.8 CRD

0281011473 | P56044558CC
P56044558CB | 0281011475
P56044561CB | EDC16C2-9.90
0281012594 | P56044775AE
EDC16C2 | 0281013650
P05187223AB| 13617793443
xxxx7787189| 13617789572
13617790083 |0281011414
13617793444 | EDC16C1-4.32

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