Def / urea delivery pump for MB and Sprinter

This is a brand new original Bosch urea delivery pump. Bosch is the OEM supplier of these pumps to MB. Mounting screws and oil ring are included in the box.

Please note:
If you accidently broke the nipple on the pump, you don’t need to buy a whole new pump. Broken nipple can be easily repaired with our nipple repair kit found here.

Warranty: 1 year

APPLICATION: For MB and Sprinter
2009 ML320
2010-2011 ML350
2012-2014 ML350
2009 GL320
2010-2012 GL350
2013-2016 GL350
2014-2015 GLK250
2009 R320
2010-2012 R350
2014-2016 E250
2011-2013 E350
2013 S350
2010-2017 Sprinter

F01C600194 | 0024706894

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