Central Electronic Module Program Transfer for Volvo

: $794.59
Retail Price: $599.00

This is a software and programming transfer service from your existing unit in to our fully remanufactured and upgraded CEM. Quick the same day turn around. Plug and Play installation, no software reloads will be required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before purchasing this service, write down the part number from the white sticker on your CEM (See image). Then contact us info@xemodex.com to see if we have matching, remanufactured CEM in stock.

•Software extraction from your defective CEM.
•A fully remanufactured and upgraded XeMODeX CEM.
•Programming our remanufactured CEM with your software.
•Heat sink upgrade.
•PCB waterproofing.
•Full operational test.
•Heat stress test.
•The same day turn around.
•One Year Limited Warranty.

Water damage.
Complete loss of communication, where the CEM will not communicate with the rest of the network and the diagnostic tool.
No LIN communication with alternator (ACM).
Starter motor not working, even though start is approved by the immobilizer sequence.
Turn signals not working at all or one side turned on continuously.
Low beams, high beams or fog lights failures.
Horn not working at all.
Wipers not working at all or stuck in high speed.
Fuel pump relay not engaging.

CEM lost all keys from the memory – VIDA diagnostic tool shows that there are 0 keys stored in the CEM. Attempts to add keys back through VIDA’S key application fail. In this case we would have to wipe-out the corrupted key registry in your CEM. This procedure will make possible to add all keys back to the CEM again using VIDA.

Immobilizer / No Start failures. In order for us to properly diagnose any of the immobilizer failures, you would need to send us in your CEM, ECM and one key. Contact us info@xemodex.com to let us know that you will be sending additional parts with the CEM.

2005-2009 Volvo S60
2005-2007 Volvo V70 and XC70
2005-2006 Volvo S80
2005-2014 Volvo XC90

30786476|30682982 |30728539
30728357 | 30795115 | 30765646
31394157 | 31282455 | 30759114
30765643 | 31314468 | 30682981
31282457 | 30765646 |30786889
30765148 | 30786890 | 30728542
30786475 | 30765149

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