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Engine Control Module ECM Removal Procedure for Volvo P2 Platforms

Today we’re featuring a step-by-step tutorial on how to safely remove your Engine Control Module (ECM) from your Volvo.

This ECM removal tutorial applies to the following models:
All P2 Platforms
1999 – 2006 S80
2001 – 2009 S60
2001 – 2007 V70, XC70
2003 – 2014 XC90
1999 – 2000 S70, C70, V70

Common symptoms of a failing ECM include:

  • ECM-711A, ECM-720B or 918A “ECM Internal Fault”
  • E-000 and E-003 “Communication Faults”
  • Codes for coils, injectors, outside temp, O2 sensors, MAF, coolant and accelerator sensor pedal codes
  • Problems with engine cooling fan not activating.

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