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How NOx Sensors work to manage diesel engine emissions

Nox Sensor

Diesel vehicles need to regulate their Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions so that less pollutants are released into the atmosphere as mandated by law in most states. Manufacturers have been doing this with the use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technology so that air quality can be improved and diesel vehicles are regulated easily. A crucial component needed to supplement this ... Read More »

XeMODeX Differential Electronic Module (DEM) Test Station


How XeMODeX Tests Your Parts: DEM TEST STATION View the Differential Electronic Module (DEM) Test Station used at the XeMODeX facility for diagnostic services. This highly advanced test station uses proprietary diagnostic software to automatically read part numbers and DTC trouble codes. The test station is also capable of performing an automated simulation of oil temperature and oil pressure sensor. ... Read More »

Introducing the Digital Breakout Box dBOb60


MISSISSAUGA, ON; February 29, 2016 —  XeMODeX is happy to announce the launch of our brand new diagnostic tool – dBOb60 Digital Breakout Box for Volvo! The dBOb60 replaces the manual breakout box for Volvo with a modern computer interface that is able to read voltages on 60 pins simultaneously, with the values displayed on a single computer screen. If the ECU ... Read More »

TechTipTuesday: Differential Electronic Module, Pump and Filter Removal Procedure for Volvo 2003 – 2015


Today we’re featuring a step-by-step tutorial on how to safely remove your Differential Electronic Module (DEM) from your Volvo. This DEM removal tutorial applies to the following models: All Volvo Models 2003 – 2015 Common symptoms of a failing DEM include: 2003 and newer DEM’S suffer from a variety of failures from communication issues to total network shutdowns. They are ... Read More »