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XeMODeX Sponsors Canada 5000 Rally Against Alzheimer’s


Join XeMODeX Management and Staff on June 18, 2015 for the Canada 5000 Rally BBQ & Volvo Meet! Featuring raffles, door prizes, and lots of food! All proceeds from the BBQ will go towards the Canada 5000 Rally fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease. Dave Myers and Dave Clark will travel across Canada from June 10 – 22, 2015 in their newly restored vintage 1967 Volvo 122S. As they make their way through Toronto, they will stop by at our facility in Mississauga on June 18, 2015 for a free charity BBQ! We encourage the Volvo community to attend and show off their cars.


Visit our event post for more information:

About Canada 5000 Rally:
XeMODeX is now a proud sponsor of the Canada 5000 Rally Against Alzheimer’s! We are very excited to announce our partnership with Dave Myers and Dave Clark  in their efforts to raise money and awareness towards Alzheimer’s disease. Dave and Dave will travel across Canada from June 10 – 22, 2015 in their newly restored vintage 1967 Volvo 122S.

Dave Myers, left, and Dave Clark, right, with the Volvo 122S. Photo by Karlie Marrazzo.

Two automotive enthusiasts; a writer; a son; a mother with Alzheimer’s disease for motivation; a 48 year old car and a big, beautiful country. This June they are taking on the Canada 5000.

• Canada 5000 is part history project – recounting the famous Shell 4000 Rallies that ran across Canada in the 1960s
• It’s part fundraiser – they will be raising money (and awareness) for charity; the Alzheimer Societies across Canada
• It’s part road trip – following various routes of the original Shell 4000 Rally, but stretching it out to 5000 miles across nine Canadian provinces
• It’s part car rebuild – they will restore a 1967 Volvo 122S and bring it back to life to complete their journey
• It’s part writing project – the whole experience, including interviews with the drivers and co-drivers who ran the original race will be documented




The Car
To properly pay tribute to the Shell 4000 rallies of the 1960s, a lot of thought was put into what car would be the best for the adventure. It quickly became clear that it needed to be a Volvo 122S.

The car has incredible pedigree in the original races. A total of 43 entered the nine races and only 13 failed to finish, which is a pretty solid record considering how many cars had to drop out. The Volvo 122 won the overall race twice, in 1964 and 1965. It also lays claim to three class wins, a second overall finish, a third overall finish and two fourth overall finishes.

Since the Canada 5000 is a drive across Canada, the car also needed to have a strong connection to our country. The 122 was the first car Volvo made outside of Sweden and was assembled in the company’s first Halifax factory. The very first one to roll off the assembly line is still on display in the Museum of Industry in Nova Scotia.

The 122S was purchased in October 2014 from Lethbridge, Alberta. It is currently getting a complete refresh so that it will be ready to take on this long and intense trip. The car will be prepared in period correct style without the navigational aids of modern technology.

Hauling the Volvo 122S home in October.

The Route:
From 1961 to 1971, some of the bravest drivers from across the world took on the task of driving 4000 miles, not quite the entire length of the country, in the Shell 4000 Rally. The FIA-sanctioned rally was the longest and one of the most challenging rallies of the 1960s.

The rally had different routes every year. It ran from Montreal to Vancouver, Vancouver to Quebec City, Ottawa to Victoria and Calgary to Halifax. For the Canada 5000 Rally 2015, co-drivers Dave Myers and Dave Clark will travel from coast to coast – starting in Vancouver and making the roughly 5000-mile (8000-kilometre) drive to Halifax.

The original rally ran along some of the most challenging and scenic routes across Canada and they will follow the route turn-by-turn. They will stick strictly to the routes that were set 50-plus years ago. For the most part, these routes do not follow the highways you would expect. They take logging roads, gravel side roads and even some non-maintained trails. Dave and Dave will tackle these routes in a 48-year-old Volvo 122S!

Map of the Canada 5000 Rally trek across Canada.

Visit the Canada 5000 Rally Against Alzheimer’s 2015 website to learn more about Dave Myers, Dave Clark and their journey across Canada.

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