Transmission Control Module (Tcm) Repair For Mazda

xemodex_guaranteeThis is a Repair and Return service of your existing TCM module. You would have to remove the part and send it to us for repair.
Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Failure Symptoms:
•No communication with the TCM.
•Transmission stuck in “Limp-Home“ mode.
•Harsh shift into drive or reverse.
•Harsh shift between gears.

Turnaround Time:
TCM is repaired and send back in the same day.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

2006-2013 Mazda 3
2008-2010 Mazda 5

Reference Numbers:
L32E189E1B | L32E189E1C | L32E189E1D
L34T189E1A | L34T189E1B | L34T189E1C
L34T189E1D | L34T189E1E | L34T-18-9E1A
L34T-18-9E1B | L34T-18-9E1C | L34T-18-9E1D
LFJE-18-9E1D | LFJE-18-9E1A | LFJE-18-9E1B
LFJE-18-9E1C | L39C189E1B | L39C189E1C
L39C189E1D | L39C-18-9E1B | L39C-18-9E1C
L39C-18-9E1D | LF6B-18-9E1A | L39C-18-9E1E

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