Heating Element For Def/Scr/Urea/Adblue/Diesel After treatment Tanks for Chevrolet

This is a brand new heating element for DEF/SCR/UREA/ADBLUE tanks. It is designed as a direct replacement for the OEM heater, which has a very high failure rate. Faulty heaters will trigger warning messages on the dash, along with posting diagnostic trouble codes for “Reductant Tank Heater Control Circuit Performance.” The heating element comes with pig-tail wires for easy connection to the existing wiring harness. For replacement instructions please click here.

•All aluminum, precision CNC machined housing.
•80% more efficient than the standard OEM heater.
•Robust, ceramic heating element.
•Pre-wired and sealed electrical heater connection.
•Fits perfectly in place of the original heater.
•Simple DIY replacement.
•Manufactured in Canada by XeMODeX in an ISO:9001 Quality Certified Facility.
•One-year warranty.

APPLICATION: For Chevrolet Duramax LML 6.6L Diesel
2011-2016 Silverado 2500/3500 Chassis