Eatc Module Repair For Ford

xemodex_guaranteeThis is a Repair and Return service of your existing Electronic Automatic Temperature Control module (EATC), otherwise known as a Climate Control Head.
You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair. Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Failure Symptoms:
•Vents are stuck in defrost or floor setting.
•Erratic vents operation.

Service Type:
Repair and Return

OEM Part Number:

XeMODeX Part Number:

EATC Module Repair and Return.

Other Part Numbers:
1W7Z19980AA | 3W7Z19980AA | XL7H19C933AC
XL2H19C933AB | F85H19C933CF | 2L3Z19980AA
F6VZ19980AB | 1Q7Z19980AA | 3W7Z19980AA
3W7Z19980AA | F57H19C933AF | XL2H19C933AB
F70H19C933AA | F6VZ19980AB | 1W1Z19980AA

Repair service is available. All parts necessary to complete the repair are in stock.

Turnaround Time:
The same day repair.

Software Reload/Coding Required?
No. Plug and Play.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

1995-2011 Ford Crown Victoria
1998-2008 Ford Expedition
1998-2002 Ford Explorer
1997-2004 Ford F150
1995-1999 Mercury Grand Marquis
2003-2004 Mercury Marauder
1998-2002 Mercury Mountaineer
1995-1997 Lincoln Continental
1998-2002 Lincoln Navigator
1995-2002 Lincoln Town Car