Driver Information Module Pre-Programmed Upgrade to Blue Dials for Volvo

This is a fully remanufactured DIM that was originally fitted in the limited edition 2004 Volvo S60 R model. We have made it possible for it to work in 2002 and 2003 S60, V70, XC70 and S80. There is no draw-backs, the “R” DIM has all the functions and features that your current cluster already have. It is a direct fit and it also uses the same electrical connector.
Unit comes fully programmed with software and has self-acquiring mileage feature. True Plug and Play!

Important step: When you install the DIM into your car for the first time, switch the ignition on but do not start the car. Look at the odometer and wait until the mileage appears on the screen. During that time the DIM will ping the CEM and “ask” for the car’s mileage. The DIM will then program itself with that value, once the mileage appears on the screen you can start your Volvo. This step only needs to be done once.

xemodex_guaranteeYour DIM will be remanufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility by our qualified and trained technicians using approved parts and methods. The quality testing of your DIM throughout the repair process conforms with the standard’s stringent requirements.

lifetime_warrantyYour DIM is also covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.When you buy from XeMODeX, you are buying a proven, quality product that stands the test of time.

xemodex_guaranteePlug and Play installation. Your DIM will not require any software reload. Mileage and basic configurations settings will not be altered.

All DIM’S have a heat dissipating sink installed directly on the MCU. This upgrade will ensure reliable processor operation during hot summer months.

xemodex_guaranteeYour DIM will be shipped back to you with a full before and after test report including trouble codes and software numbers.

2002-2003 S60, V70, XC70 and S80

8637995 |8637993 | 8673261
30682278 |8690820|8673091



The DIM comes pre-loaded with software. No additional programming will be required after installation. Plug and Play! All we need is your VIN number.

Self – Acquiring Mileage

Once the DIM is plugged in to the vehicle in will automatically acquire the mileage from the Central Electronic Module. Within seconds the DIM will program itself and the current mileage will be displayed.


All DIM’S have a heat dissipating sink installed directly on the MCU. This upgrade will ensure reliable processor operation during hot summer months.

Completely Reworked PCB

All internal circuit boards are tested at the component level. Any known prone to failure parts that are close to the maximum tolerance are automatically replaced.

Quality Tested

All DIM’s undergo rigorous tests on our specialized custom built CAN-Bus driven test bed. All functions, DTC’s, software, pixels and pointer motor positions are checked and verified for proper operation.

Lifetime Warranty

DIM is covered under Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as you own the car.


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What are the typical DIM failure symptoms?

Most common DIM failure symptoms include:

• SRS Service Urgent message is displayed.
• Code SRS-0001 "SRS Indicator lamp" stored.
• Code DIM-0002 "ABS warning lamp". Faulty circuit
• Code DIM-0003 "SRS warning lamp". Faulty circuit
• Code DIM-0005 "Red general warning lamp". Faulty circuit
• Complete DIM shut down and only the "Check Engine" light is on.
• Twitchy pointer needles on one or more gauges.
• Self-advancing clock.
• Turn signal indicators arrows not displaying in the DIM.
• Message display scrambled or not working.
• Missing pixels on the message display.


If the "SRS System Service Urgent" message was displayed prior to the circuit board replacement, it will be necessary to clear the codes from the SRS Air Bag Module after the new circuit board installation. This can be done at any dealer or European car specialist.

What actually goes wrong inside the DIM?

A malfunction of any of the internal components can affect proper DIM operation. We have determined that the majority of DIM failures are related to the onboard microcontroller (MCU). The MCU selected by the manufacturer hardly meets the minimum requirements needed to ensure proper DIM operation. Any changes in temperature or in demand (scrolling for messages while turn signals are on) can halt the processor operation, resulting in an inoperative DIM. In time, the reliability of the MCU will progressively decrease to the point that the DIM will no longer function.