Def / Scr / Urea / Adblue Tank / Diesel Aftertreatment System-Reservoir Repair & Return For Mazda Cx-7

xemodex_guaranteeThis is a Repair and Return service of your existing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank. You have the option to send us the whole tank or just the insert. The insert contains the heater, level sensor and the temperature sensor all housed in one round cylinder. We don’t need the whole tank to perform or test this repair. We also don’t need the pump (White flat part that is mounted on top of the tank). Instructions on how to remove insert assembly from the tank can be found here. If you are uncomfortable with removing the insert assembly from the tank, it would be worth it to pay someone to separate it for you. You will save a lot of money on shipping and eliminate any chance of damage during transit.

Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you electronic shipping labels with shipping instructions.

*Please ensure that you drain the tank prior to shipping and pack the part very carefully with little to no movement and lots of packaging.

Common failures:
• Heating element failure and subsequent code P209F “Reductant Tank Heater Control Circuit Performance”
• Temperature sensor failure and subsequent codes; 4D32, 46F4, 46F9, P205B, P205C “Active Tank Temperature Sensor Plausibility”.
• Level sensors failure and subsequent codes 4BAC, P203A “Reducing Agent Active Tank Fill Level Sensor Signal”.

xemodex_guaranteeYour DEF tank will be remanufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility by our qualified and trained technicians using approved parts and methods. The quality testing of your tank throughout the repair process conforms with the standard’s stringent requirements

One year, unlimited mileage.

2006-2012 Mazda CX-7 Diesel

R2AX202G0C | 12152 1010700

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