Climate Control Module Cloning Service For Volvo P2 Platform 2005 and newer models only

This is a Climate Control Module cloning service, were we will transfer the software, calibration files and configuration settings from the customer’s original unit in to customer’s supplied good used unit.

NO CCM CALIBRATION WILL BE NEEDED! Since we are transferring not just the software but full calibration file as well, there will be no need for calibration of the damper motors after CCM installation.

COMMON FAILURES: Left or right heating zone stuck in full hot or cold, damper motor codes, blower fan not working, LIN bus codes, no response to temperature change requests, no communication, unit not working at all, volume or other radio buttons not working, etc.

xemodex_guaranteeYour Climate Control Module will be remanufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility by our qualified and trained technicians using approved parts and methods. The quality testing of your CCM throughout the repair process conforms with the standard’s stringent requirements.

xemodex_guaranteePlug and Play installation. No CCM calibration needed.


xemodex_guaranteeYour Climate Control Module will be shipped back to you with a full before and after test report.


1. Remove the CCM and acquire the part number on the sticker at the back of the module.
2. Purchase a good used CCM with the same part number from your local scrap yard.

3. Order the CCM Cloning Service on this page.
4. We will e-mail you a shipping label to send in both modules.
5. Once here, we will test both DIMS. If the good used unit is defective and cannot be used to clone, we will notify you right away.
6. If the donor unit is in good condition, we will perform a full software package transfer from your original CCM onto the used unit.
7. Once the software has successfully been transferred, we will test the CCM and include a copy of the test report with the unit.
8. We will ship the cloned good used CCM back to you. Your original CCM will not be sent back to you; it will be recycled at our facility.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on the software only. Check with your junk yard for CCM warranty terms.

APPLICATION: For 2005 and newer Volvo models only
2005-2006 S80
2005-2009 S60
2005-2008 XC70, V70
2005-2013 XC90

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