ABS / Brake Control Module (BCM) Repair & Return For Volvo P1 Platform

: $1,468.18
Retail Price: $499.00

xemodex_guaranteeThis is a Repair and Return service of your existing Brake Control Module (BCM). You will need to remove and send your module to us for repair. Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Important: When shipping your BCM and pump in please ensure to package it properly. Place the BCM and pump together in a thick plastic bag due to the amount of fluid saturating the modules. If the fluid saturates the box, this will cause the box to break and could cause delays or even possibility of loss when shipping to our facility. Because the part is heavy, we recommend packaging with lots of protection (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.) avoiding any movement in the box to prevent damages. Not following these instructions could result in additional fees, damages or even loss of the part. It is the sole responsibility of the shipper if any of these events occur when sending the part to XeMODeX.

xemodex_guaranteeYour BCM will be remanufactured in our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility by our qualified and trained technicians using approved parts and methods. The quality testing of your BCM throughout the repair process conforms with the standard’s stringent requirements.

xemodex_guaranteeWe are so confident in the quality of our products and services, that we back your BCM with a 100% Fix Guarantee®, even if it has been inspected and deemed un-repairable by another company.

lifetime_warrantyYour BCM is also covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.When you buy from XeMODeX, you are buying a proven, quality product that stands the test of time.

xemodex_guaranteePlug and Play installation. Your BCM will not require any software reload. Mileage and basic configurations settings will not be altered.

2004.5-2012 S40
2004.5-2016 V50
2007-2013 C30
2006-2013 C70

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Repair & Return

We do require you to send in the BCM module with pump to us for repair.

Thermal Cooling Upgrade

All BCM’S include an anodized aluminum cover to help dissipate heat and lower the MCU’S operating temperature.

Completely Reworked PCB

All internal circuit boards are tested at the component level. Any known prone to failure parts that are close to the maximum tolerance are automatically replaced.

Quality Tested

All BCM’s undergo rigorous tests on our specialized custom built CAN-Bus driven test bed. All functions, DTC’s, software are checked and verified for proper operation.

Lifetime Warranty

BCM is covered under Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as you own the car.


Purchase your “Repair and Return” order online or over the phone.
•Orders can be placed at www.xemodex.com or by calling one of our experienced sales representatives at 1-888-712-2525
•When orders are placed, Shipping charges include prepaid shipping labels provided by XeMODeX


We will email you pre-paid shipping labels.
•XeMODeX is open Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm EST. If your order is placed during this time, you will receive your labels within an hour of placing your order (if placed over the weekend, labels will be sent when we re-open Monday).
•Once you have received your labels please follow these detailed instructions when shipping with FedEx:
Ensure all units are packed without any movement within the box to prevent any damages while on route to our location. (Unfortunately damages that do occur cannot be refunded by XeMODeX. This will be at the discretion of FedEx and a claim will have to be filed through them. However, better packaging can prevent these unwanted damages so please make sure your unit is nice and secure.)

Print both attachments, this includes two FedEx Labels plus three of the Commercial Invoices must be printed. All (3) commercial invoices must be signed. The 2 labels + 3 Commercial invoices need to be placed in a clear plastic pouch on the outside of your package for FedEx scanning (A total of 5 documents should be on the outside of your box) Please do not change the declared value of $15.00 on your commercial invoice. Doing so will result in additional charges of duties and taxes.

Note: if you do not receive an e-mail from us with your shipping labels within an hour of placing your order (during our regular business hours), please make sure to check the junk mail/spam folder in your e-mail account. Occasionally, the shipping labels are automatically sent to these folders. If you are still having issues, please give us a call and ask to speak to our shipping department.


Send us your old defective unit by dropping off the package to any FedEx location, or call FedEx to schedule a pick up.


We will inspect and repair your old module.
•All FedEx packages are received at XeMODeX by 12:00pm EST (weather pending)
•You will receive an email notification once your package has arrived
•Our engineers will fully test every module before the repair process begins


We will send you back the repaired module the same day (unless otherwise stated).
•If your unit is a basic repair with no further complications, it will be repaired and sent back to you same day
•In some cases whether its water or fire damage, this could result in longer repair times, should this be the case you will be contacted immediately


You install the unit back into your vehicle. All functions are restored; no reloads, no towing, no headaches.
•Flow charts and installation videos are available on our website should you need further assistance when installing your module