Engineering Services

For the past decade, XeMODeX Inc. has been in the business of remanufacturing automotive electronic control units for European vehicles. Today’s ECU’S require complex testing equipment. Rather than outsource the projects, we have hired a team of engineers to help us with the development of the test fixtures. Before we knew it, we were laying out printed circuit boards, building CAN bus interfaces, digital and analog I/O boards and developing software to control it all. The rest… like they say is history.

We are now offering our engineering services to other businesses working with automotive electronics. Whether you are a manufacturer, remanufacturer or an automotive repair facility, we can design, build and implement the test equipment to your requirements.

Quick Facts

12000 Sq Ft facility
10 years in business
Over 30 employees
Experienced engineering staff with over 30 registered patents


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Product Development Services

We also offer a wide range of automotive product development services for Volvo and other European brands.

Feasibility Assessment
Electronic Architecture
Product Specification
Mechanical Design
Embedded Software Development
Firmware Design
Hardware and Software Design
Schematic Design
Printed Circuit Board Design
Applications Software
Software Specification
CAN bus Protocol Stacks
Production Engineering
Manufacturing Specifications
Parts Procurement
Prototype Assembly
Test & Diagnostics Software