100% Fix Guarantee® Policy

XeMODeX understands the value of your time and we sure don’t want to waste it. We guarantee that your part will be fixed, period! Elsewhere you may lose days waiting to hear back about whether or not your part can be fixed.

With XeMODeX’s “100% Fix Guarantee” seal of approval, you will never get a phone call from us stating “We can’t repair your module.”

Parts covered under this policy will be fixed even if they are damaged beyond repair. In such cases we will provide an exchange module (1) that might require new software reload at your local dealer (2)

In addition all fixed or exchange parts are covered under our 24 Months Warranty.

This policy applies only to selected products that are marked with 100% Fix Guarantee® logo.

Trust XeMODeX with all your automotive electronics needs.

1. Additional charges apply.
2. Software reload costs are customer’s responsibility.


* 100% Fix Guarantee® is a registered trademark and property of XeMODeX Inc.