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Motor Electronics Control Module Repair and Return for VW

MISSISSAUGA, ON; August 11, 2017 — This is a Repair and Return service for EDC Motor Electronics (ME) control module EDC16U1, EDC16U31 and EDC16U34 for Volkswagen


How does it work?
You would need to remove the ME from the car and send it to us for the repair. Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you a shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Common failures:
Injector circuits failures. Intermittent no start.

Turnaround time:
Your ME will be repaired, tested and shipped back to you in the same day.

2 Years, Unlimited Mileage Warranty.


For Volkswagen
• 2003-2009 Transporter T5 1.9 TDI
Buy EDC16U1 Motor Electronics Control Module for Volkswagen

For Volkswagen
• 2000-2005 VW Passat 3B3, 3B6
• 2002-2010 VW Touareg 7LA, 7L6, 7L7
Buy EDC16U31 Motor Electronics Control Module for Volkswagen

For Volkswagen
• 2003-2008 VW Golf V 2.0 TDI
• 2005-2008 VW Jetta 2.0 TDI
Buy EDC16U34 Motor Electronics Control Module for Volkswagen

Reference Numbers:
0281011364 03G906016G
0281011481 070906016AA
0281011568 070906016AJ
0281011664 070906016BA
0281011786 03G906016EH
0281011837 070906016BF
0281011882 03G906016DM
0281011855 038906016N
0281011905 03G906016FF EDC16U1-5.41
0281011945 03G906016CD EDC16U1-5.41
0281012168 03G906016GP
0281012251 03G90616HK
0281011850 03G906016BF
0281012267 03G906016CL
0281012112 03G906016GB
0281012169 03G906016GC
0281012546 03G906016GD
0281012557 03G906016HS
0281012723 03G906016JA
0281012654 03G906016JD
0281012726 03G906016JE
0281013294 03G906016KM
0281013293 03G906016KN
0281013292 03G906016KP
0281014107 03G906016LP
0281013887 03G906016LQ
0281013164 03G906021CC
0281013228 03G906021KK
0281014061 03G906021PM
0281014063 03G906021PP EDC16U34-3.41
0281014073 03G906021PD EDC16U34-3.43

About XeMODeX Inc:
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