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EDC16C2 Motor Electronics Control Module Repair and Return for Mercedes-Benz

MISSISSAUGA, ON; October 19, 2017 — This is a Repair and Return service for EDC Motor Electronics (ME) control module.


How does it work?
You would need to remove the ME from the car and send it to us for the repair. Upon purchase of this service, we will e-mail you a shipping labels and shipping instructions.

Common failures:
Intermittent or permanent 5V reference voltage loss for accelerator pedal, cam sensor. Subsequent DTC 1222-002/1234-002 stored. Injector circuits failures.

Turnaround time:
Your ME will be repaired, tested and shipped back to you in the same day.

2 Years, Unlimited Mileage Warranty.


For Mercedes-Benz
• 2000–2006 C Class W203
• 2003–2009 E Class W211
• 2006-2009 Sprinter

Buy EDC16C2 Motor Electronics Control Module for Mercedes-Benz

Reference Numbers:
MERCEDES A6481500979 Bosch 0281011917
MERCEDES A611011177 Bosch 0281011177
MERCEDES A6111534979 Bosch 0281011176
MERCEDES A6111535279 Bosch 0281011179
MERCEDES A6111535379 Bosch 0281011180
MERCEDES A6111535579 Bosch 0281011602
MERCEDES A6111535679 Bosch 0281011603
MERCEDES A6461500091 Bosch 0281012222
MERCEDES A6461500178 Bosch 0281012824
MERCEDES A6461500278 Bosch 0281012825
MERCEDES A6461500291 Bosch 0281012224
MERCEDES A6461500479 Bosch 0281011736
MERCEDES A6461500591 Bosch 0281012353
MERCEDES A6461500679 Bosch 0281011737
MERCEDES A6461500791 Bosch 0281012355
MERCEDES A6461500879 Bosch 0281011739
MERCEDES A6461500991 Bosch 0281012829
MERCEDES A6461501079 Bosch 0281011741
MERCEDES A6461501091 Bosch 0281012358
MERCEDES A6461501191 Bosch 0281012359
MERCEDES A6461501491 Bosch 0281012342
MERCEDES A6461501678 Bosch 0281012830
MERCEDES A6461501691 Bosch 0281012344
MERCEDES A6461501891 Bosch 0281012346
MERCEDES A6461502079 Bosch 0281011922
MERCEDES A6461502091 Bosch 0281012348
MERCEDES A6461502279 Bosch 0281011924
MERCEDES A6461502291 Bosch 0281012350
MERCEDES A6461502479 Bosch 0281011926
MERCEDES A6461502578 Bosch 0281013451
MERCEDES A6461502679 Bosch 0281011928
MERCEDES A6461502778 Bosch 0281013453
MERCEDES A6461502878 Bosch 0281013454
MERCEDES A6461502879 Bosch 0281011930
MERCEDES A6461503079 Bosch 0281011932
MERCEDES A6461503278 Bosch 0281013458
MERCEDES A6461503279 Bosch 0281011934
MERCEDES A6461503378 Bosch 0281013459
MERCEDES A6461503479 Bosch 0281011936
MERCEDES A6461503891 Bosch 0281012449
MERCEDES A6461504091 Bosch 0281012451
MERCEDES A6461504277 Bosch 0281014652
MERCEDES A6461504291 Bosch 0281012453
MERCEDES A6461504491 Bosch 0281012455
MERCEDES A6461504579 Bosch 0281012044
MERCEDES A6461504591 Bosch 0281012570
MERCEDES A6461504691 Bosch 0281012571
MERCEDES A6461504779 Bosch 0281012046
MERCEDES A6461505091 Bosch 0281012725
MERCEDES A6461505179 Bosch 0281012050
MERCEDES A6461506279 Bosch 0281012338
MERCEDES A6461506679 Bosch 0281012228
MERCEDES A6461506691 Bosch 0281012686
MERCEDES A6461506891 Bosch 0281012688
MERCEDES A6461507291 Bosch 0281012692
MERCEDES A6461507577 Bosch 0281014447
MERCEDES A6461508291 Bosch 0281012833
MERCEDES A6461508391 Bosch 0281012834
MERCEDES A6461509291 Bosch 0281012812
MERCEDES A6461509577 Bosch 0281014659
MERCEDES A6461509677 Bosch 0281014660
MERCEDES A6461509777 Bosch 0281014661
MERCEDES A646153012457 Bosch 0281012457
MERCEDES A6461530179 Bosch 0281010706
MERCEDES A6461530279 Bosch 0281010829
MERCEDES A6461530379 Bosch 0281010830
MERCEDES A6461530391 Bosch 0281011788
MERCEDES A6461530491 Bosch 0281011789
MERCEDES A6461530591 Bosch 0281011790
MERCEDES A6461530691 Bosch 0281011791
MERCEDES A6461530791 Bosch 0281011792
MERCEDES A6461530879 Bosch 0281011011
MERCEDES A6461530979 Bosch 0281011171
MERCEDES A6461530991 Bosch 0281011867
MERCEDES A6461531091 Bosch 0281011868
MERCEDES A6461531179 Bosch 0281011012
MERCEDES A6461531279 Bosch 0281011070
MERCEDES A6461531991 Bosch 0281011974
MERCEDES A6461532079 Bosch 0281011158
MERCEDES A6461532091 Bosch 0281011975
MERCEDES A6461532179 Bosch 0281011159
MERCEDES A6461532279 Bosch 0281011160
MERCEDES A6461532491 Bosch 0281012105
MERCEDES A6461532591 Bosch 0281012065
MERCEDES A6461532691 Bosch 0281012066
MERCEDES A6461532791 Bosch 0281012067
MERCEDES A6461532891 Bosch 0281012068
MERCEDES A6461532991 Bosch 0281012069
MERCEDES A6461533079 Bosch 0281011162
MERCEDES A6461533091 Bosch 0281012070
MERCEDES A6461533179 Bosch 0281011163
MERCEDES A6461533379 Bosch 0281011165
MERCEDES A6461533691 Bosch 0281012108
MERCEDES A6461534179 Bosch 0281011328
MERCEDES A6461534291 Bosch 0281012426
MERCEDES A6461534379 Bosch 0281011329
MERCEDES A6461536079 Bosch 0281011344
MERCEDES A6461536679 Bosch 0281011442
MERCEDES A6461537091 Bosch 0281014811
MERCEDES A6461537679 Bosch 0281011619
MERCEDES A6461537879 Bosch 0281011702
MERCEDES A6461538179 Bosch 0281011620
MERCEDES A6461538479 Bosch 0281011625
MERCEDES A6461538579 Bosch 0281011624
MERCEDES A6461538779 Bosch 0281011623
MERCEDES A6461538979 Bosch 0281011655
MERCEDES A6461539179 Bosch 0281011654
MERCEDES A6461539679 Bosch 0281011704
MERCEDES A6461539879 Bosch 0281011706
MERCEDES A6469002300 Bosch 0281016367
MERCEDES A6471500079 Bosch 0281011937
MERCEDES A6471530079 Bosch 0281010835
MERCEDES A6471530379 Bosch 0281011013
MERCEDES A6471530579 Bosch 0281011072
MERCEDES A6471530779 Bosch 0281011332
MERCEDES A6471531379 Bosch 0281011346
MERCEDES A6471531679 Bosch 0281011794
MERCEDES A6471531879 Bosch 0281011676
MERCEDES A6471532079 Bosch 0281011710
MERCEDES A6471532279 Bosch 0281011712
MERCEDES A6481500179 Bosch 0281011698
MERCEDES A6481500279 Bosch 0281011716
MERCEDES A6481500379 Bosch 0281011699
MERCEDES A6481500579 Bosch 0281011717
MERCEDES A6481500879 Bosch 0281011916
MERCEDES A6481501379 Bosch 0281011971
MERCEDES A6481501879 Bosch 0281012114
MERCEDES A6481502579 Bosch 0281012177
MERCEDES A6481502879 Bosch 0281012362
MERCEDES A6481502979 Bosch 0281012363
MERCEDES A6481503079 Bosch 0281012364
MERCEDES A6481504879 Bosch 0281012673
MERCEDES A6481505279 Bosch 0281013462
MERCEDES A6481530079 Bosch 0281011016
MERCEDES A6481530179 Bosch 0281011015
MERCEDES A6481530879 Bosch 0281011252
MERCEDES A6481531279 Bosch 0281011349
MERCEDES A6481531479 Bosch 0281011350
MERCEDES A6481531679 Bosch 0281011714
MERCEDES A6481531779 Bosch 0281011715

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