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Diagnostic Flow Charts

Click the buttons below to view our diagnostic flow charts for Volvo. Our flow charts are created in PDF format for ease of access. If you are unable to view the PDF in your browser, simply right click the image and then click “save link as…” This will prompt your computer to save the document to your hard drive.

Diagnostic Flow Charts:

flowchart-banner-bcm1   flowchart-banner-bcm2

flowchart-banner-dem1   flowchart-banner-dem2

flowchart-banner-etm   flowchart-banner-etm2


Removal Instructions:

flowchart-banner-cem   flowchart-banner-dim




  1. Was hoping to see the pdf for ’99 Volvo ETS module but the link doesn’t work. Is the pdf available somewhere?

  2. Hello, for the BCM Flowchart 2002-2004, can you please tell me the part numbers for the “power supply relays”? Car is a 2004 XC70. Thanks!

    • Hi Steve,
      I spoke to our tech and he said that you can call your local Volvo dealership and request the part number over the phone. You just need to provide them with your vehicle information and they will give you the details. If you have any further questions, you can give us a call toll-free at 1-888-712-2525. Have a great day!

  3. Hello,
    Im imquiring to see if your able to service/fix my 2001 volvo s40 ac air control module/console ?
    A/c (and on/off light switch) turns on and off by itself sometimes.
    If so, how much does it cost? Plese advise. Thanks.

  4. Yes I hope somebody has seen this before.
    I have a 2000 Volvo V40 Base. This car sets code ECM-60 with in 10 to 60 miles of driving. The code is strait forward “Camshaft Reset Valve Signal”.
    We dealt with this code many times before and most of the time replacing the actuator valve rectifies the problem. Not this one. Previous repair shop replaced the Constant Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) Hub. We rechecked the camshaft timing, checked for oil pressure to the unit, checked the filter screen in the gasket. Power supply and grounds.
    Using VIDA or Autologic, performing the activation test passes every time.
    What would help me to know is, during the test, what are the values that the ECM is looking for? How many degrees between camshaft and crankshaft, or what is it looking for?
    Any help, suggestions, what am I missing is greatly appreciated.


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